Boat insurance

Even if it is not always mandatory, it is crucial to take out damage insurance, but also for recreational boating, whether on land or at sea. More information : .  Boat owners may, if they prefer, purchase a recreational boating insurance policy before launching. In some countries, such as Italy, it is mandatory, regardless of the seafarer’s nationality. In addition, you will sometimes be asked for a ship insurance certificate to access certain marinas located in France or in certain countries, such as Italy.

Why choose multi-risk insurance?

Whether you choose a club membership or a personal boat, coverage will be limited to damage caused to people you may injure while travelling at sea. To benefit from more extensive coverage in the event of damage to your boat or injuries, it is essential to purchase coverage for multi-risk pleasure boating! For more informations about luxury yacht charter, contact a professionnal. This insurance policy is designed as a multi-purpose package designed to protect the pleasure boating industry in all its aspects, but most of the time, the insurance ultimately contains the most common coverages of a multi-risk policy, such as the protection policy. or various assistance services (repatriation, legal defence, sending spare parts, etc.).

Boat insurance costs

Boat insurance costs depend on a number of factors. The purchase price will be different, depending on the model, size and builder of the boat. The price difference can be clarified by the time of its home port, component or ship. For example, it is extremely difficult to find an insurer capable of insuring a 50-year-old wooden boat in Polynesia. We advise you to contact the regional carriers if you have this type of vessel. It is unlikely that metropolitan brokers will get a cure for you. To get an idea of the cost of your property, you can simulate a quote online.

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