Hiking in rivers and mountains

Swimming in emerald water, walking to avoid overcrowded rapids and jumping directly into water heaters… The water supply is a mixture of experience and history. Wake up now with confidence and you are accompanied by a guide to defend the surroundings… To enjoy your holiday, visit the website: https://www.wineandspiritlodging.com/en/  . This type of river trip is ideal for matches in the water: swimming, jumping, rapids and slides, etc. These pleasant trails are cheap for everyone, as long as you are comfortable in the house and can swim!

A weekend in a vineyard

Our RTT times are over. The children, given to their grandparents. It’s your turn for a long weekend for a lover! This season, abandoned the Normandy shoreline or even the French Riviera. The shores of your childhood will wait: you will travel the wine route. Alsace, Bordeaux and also the Loire Valley, the choice was difficult. One thing is certain, you don’t intend to stop there. You can contact professionals, to choose your weekend or wine tasting holidays. Discover the appellations. During oenology visits and cellar visits, you can meet the winegrowers who produce your favourite wines. At nightfall, avoid resorts of all kinds and develop your adventure by sleeping at the farm centre.

Activities by the sea: sailing

The desire to make bubbles on the beach is quickly felt. And when we enjoyed interesting activities on the sand and in the water. Whether you are sporty or prefer to walk, we will offer you an aquatic game that meets our expectations and requirements. Are you planning to sail? There are several reasons. Sailing is an inspiring sport that is progressing in many ways… and the pleasure it provides is only one of many benefits. It also requires greater physical participation. Sailing is a good way to have fun outdoors. By learning to sail, you will not only know all the aspects of your boat, but you will also discover the reaction of your boat in its environment: wind, weather… That’s why sailing is really rewarding.

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