Is it mandatory to insure your boat?

Regardless of the vessel and its use, its insurance is not (however) mandatory but essential. Small canoes, offers and leisure facilities can be covered by home insurance. Review your budget and accountability policy carefully. A larger boat must be insured with its contract. More information visit : . In any case, shipyards, ports or even mooring institutions will ask you for an insurance policy certification. And since the price of a boat and the damage it can cause, it is irresponsible not to insure yourself.

All risk insurance for boats

Comprehensive insurance provides much more coverage. Buying a yacht therefore refers to the choice of a boat insurance . This is why it is by far the most frequent and especially the one to select, especially since the difference in the price of the donation between the two is not significant. This contract includes the guarantees mentioned, such as legal protection, as well as damage caused to its theft, transport, assistance and reduction of expenses. It is with this type of contract that the insured’s vessel is insured for any type of damage.

The amount of the boat insurance

It is impossible to determine the exact amount of insurance based on the cost of the boat. Many components are at stake. In reality, very different parameters, such as the type of boat, change the purchase price of the contribution. The dangers associated with the use of several units are not. A fishing trip or a weak lake boat is not subject to the same risks as a boat used for water sports or speed. The navigation area is taken into account. Finally, there may be some price differences. The participation for a model will remain a little higher than for an older version. The speed of a donation normally represents 0.5 to 1% of the price of the boat depending on its size. The purchase price will be different depending on the manufacturer, model and size of the boat. The difference in cost is explained by the time available for its own component, the ship or its domestic interface. It is difficult to find an insurance company capable of insuring a 50-year-old wooden boat in Polynesia. We suggest that you contact the local insurer if you have this type of boat. It is unlikely that agents will get a solution for you. To get an idea of the purchase price of your property, you can simulate a quote directly online

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