purchase or sale of helicopters

A helicopter is an aircraft (flying machine) with one or more horizontal propellers, which takes off vertically. It is important to know that the conditions of purchase and resale of a helicopter are not as strict as those of an airplane. Here is the important information to know.

The first element to take into account is the price of the helicopter for sale. Thus, unlike a private airplane, which is very expensive, a helicopter is much more affordable, especially because it has much lower maintenance costs. In addition, it is possible to find on the market (new or used) manufacturers offering helicopter models at rather attractive prices. You will thus have the choice between buying a new or a used helicopter.

For the first acquisition of a helicopter, turning to the second-hand market seems to be a relevant solution, if only in terms of price. Then, you will always have the possibility to resell your aircraft to buy a new one, or a bigger and more powerful one.

Before any purchase: the purchase parameters of a helicopter are very often based on the individual needs of the buyer, and not on general technical elements. It is important to carry out a complete inspection of the unit, using a certified professional (mechanic, etc.) as a check. The purchase of a helicopter must be based on the following criteria: safety and technology. Looking at the lowest and most affordable price must come last, even though this is obviously important to you. So beware of prices that are too affordable.

Finally, it is obviously necessary to have a helicopter pilot’s license.  To find a school, you can simply look at the specialized sites and choose the training center that suits you best.

Buying: the transaction process

Although the purchase of a helicopter is less expensive than that of an airplane, it is still a very expensive purchase, involving a very large sum of money. Therefore, one must take an interest in the transaction process. Before buying a helicopter, it is important to review your budget, particularly by talking to your banker. Once you have defined your helicopter purchase project, don’t hesitate to talk to an aircraft sales professional.

The conditions for buying such an aircraft are often complex. It may therefore be preferable to entrust your purchase to an aviation professional. Indeed, this professional regularly updates his registers and databases to find the best deals. When you finally find the aircraft you like and that suits you, you should evaluate it to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Buying a used helicopter? Consulting its technical history is very important. If the sale finally closes, you will need to use the services of an escrow agent in order to finalize the transaction.

Resale: reconfiguring a helicopter for resale

Once you have purchased a helicopter, it is very likely that you will make modifications to it to make it more in line with your expectations. Helicopters are indeed very open to reconfiguration, whether to increase or decrease the aircraft’s performance. It is possible to reconfigure the interior of the aircraft to better accommodate passengers or to transport cargo. Before concluding the resale of a helicopter, it should be noted that it is not recommended to reconfigure the aircraft after the acquisition of the flight ticket.