The butcher’s job

A butcher is a craftsman who works on his own account or in a butcher’s shop chain. He’s a meat pro. The mission of a butcher is not limited to the sale of meat. More information : . The butcher must also understand to understand the different types of meat and meat pieces to cut from meat pieces, how to improve the value of the item offered to adapt to your customer’s needs. A love of meat and a sense of commerce are also essential elements of the butcher’s job. In addition, it is essential to be rigorous in terms of cleanliness, but also to become waterproof and skillful. Finally, and especially when your own butcher shop belongs to you, you must be friendly in order to build your clientele and make yourself known.

Buying from a butcher

Buying from a butcher is now a solution. But there are special rules. Some butchers are easy retailers and buy from the same place as supermarkets. They are therefore of interest. To be sure to buy good quality and traditional meat, it is preferable to prefer the butcher artisans who select their products. When the beef is of local origin, buying it is even better. Few customers ask about the origin of the beef, this is crucial to ensure quality! Many artisanal butcher shops go so far as to choose manufacturers who attach value. Taking care of the animals’ welfare, by providing them with a healthy living room and food, is also a guarantee of having superior quality meat on arrival, even if we do not know it. Clearly, these agricultural techniques inflate the price of meat. Although one thing is for sure, eating meat,

The butcher’s skills

At the end of their training, beginning butchers can work in stores. Indeed, artisanal butcher shops, supermarkets, wholesale markets and collective catering are sectors that always recruit butchers. The professional clinics are as diverse as those offered by the butcher shop. There is something for everyone. After years of expertise, there is no shortage of opportunities for growth. From team leader to laboratory supervisor, buyer or section manager, the butcher can choose different directions. There is also the chance to have an experienced butcher. Be careful, the opening of a butcher shop requires a significant investment capacity to acquire the necessary trade and equipment. However, the butcher also develops a massive customer base and, if business goes well, he will benefit from income.

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