Why build an industrial building?

An industrial building is a building structure used for the storage of products. It would also be a place of industrial and industrial activity used by a company to create, store or exchange products and services for your professional and individual customers. For more information discover the website 3xeng.com . The location, interior/exterior layout and surface area of the building are essential according to the unique requirements of the company and the specific activity.

The durability of a structure

The durability of a structure depends on several parameters, such as the quality of its design, the materials used, its construction and the many conditions of use, maintenance and operation. Concrete is resistant to weather and the passage of time. However, concrete structures may require repair or reinforcement operations to improve their service life or provide new functionalities. Many solutions are mastered and available, they have proven their effectiveness and react to all potential problems encountered on structures or materials. It is imperative to choose the solution adapted to the pathology to be treated, after a complete and precise diagnosis of the ailments, their causes and their evolution.

Repair of a structure

Awareness of chemistry and structures is a prerequisite for any intervention on a concrete structure of incredible significance. The structure can suffer many damages related to aging, design or implementation defects, change of destination of a building… By fix, we mean the act of returning to the first state of construction of a concrete structure. Thereafter, the professional, modifies the structure to give it a new work destination, with an increase in operating costs. Reinforcement and repair are closely related, as reinforcement requires repair operations to prepare the supports, and then reinforcement processes when the structure is deficient are frequently used by fix.

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